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Prof. B.G. Barki

National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research

It is a privilege bestowed upon me to write a foreword to the book "Effective Teaching Skills" of my friend Dr. Panch. Ramalingam. Before introducing the book I consider it necessary to say a few words about the author Dr Panch. Ramlingam. He is an acknowledged dedicated teacher well known to the university/college teachers in particular and other categories of teachers as well in the Union Territory of Pondicherry and the neighbouring states. He has endeared himself to the cause of training of teachers thereby improving the quality of teaching through his association with the Academic Staff College, Pondicherry University as a member of its faculty. I am sure Prof Mamota Das under whose maternal care now Panch Ramalingam is growing will agree with me regarding the high sense of professionalism he brings to bear in all activities he undertakes and responsibilities that are required to be shouldered by him. The present book "Effective Teaching Skills" published by the Puducherry Cooperative Book Society is another example of his professionalism.

Teaching is a broad subject concerned with computer and electronic related technology and includes most importantly managing and processing information. It deals with the use of computers (both hardware and software) to convert, store, and process, protect, transmit and retrieve information. Information technology has made great inroads and strides into all subjects and fields of study be it Humanities or sciences or Engineering. The application of It to all disciplines has become possible with the availability of internet and broadband connectivity. Instead of looking at this as only technology of and for information it is now perceived and used as a technology for information and communication and therefore has resulted in the coinage of ICT namely Information and Communication technology.

In the context of the globalization, liberalization information Communication technology has gained global contours. No matter what profession we are in or vacation we have chosen for that matter what ever we are today we cannot survive without awareness into ICT. It is in this context the book Education and Information Technology by Dr Panch Ramalingam is most timely.

The author has attempted to give a detailed sketch about effective teaching skills. In five chapters Dr Panch Ramalingam takes the readers through the development of introduction to teaching skills, review of literature, method of study on micro teaching skills. He has also brought in education in developing countries and internationalization of education. He takes the readers through the different types of skills in teaching.

Access to information, use of World Wide Web, browsers, electronic mail, e governance, e learning, virtual classrooms are all very well discussed in the third chapter. This is a chapter which is very succinctly written for a reader with not much of knowledge in the areas related to ICT. A thorough reading of this chapter is most likely to help any reader in using the benefits of ICT.

The fourth chapter is totally dedicated to the application of e resources for teaching. Teachers particularly will benefit from this chapter as Dr Panch Ramalingam has covered areas related to features and utility of e learning and virtual learning. He has also focused on ICT oriented teaching.

The last chapter highlights the summary and conclusions, major findings implications and limitations of the study. The readers should consider themselves as very fortunate as the author has given a large number of references thereby making the task of the serious reader less arduous.

Dr Panch Ramlingam seems to have made an excellent study of the profile of the possible readers of the book and that is what has prompted him to include some description of the technical terms used in the book thereby relieving the reader the agony (or the ecstasy!) of referring to a dictionary periodically.

Overall the book "Effective Teaching Skills" is a little treasure house covering two significant aspects viz,. teacher and teaching. It is pleasure reading the book for its clarity, ease of reading and understanding, content coverage-its adequacy and utility.

I compliment Dr Panch Ramalingam for the great efforts he has taken in completing the book.

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