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Dr. M. Ponnaian
Dr. Panch Ramalingam



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The book on Education and Human Rights, in a compendious form exemplifies the etymological explanation of education intertwined with philosophy and conceptualization of East and West. An encomiastic appraisal of various educa- tional models of great thinkers, philosophers and educationists are given lucidly in a chronological order.

Education is for the transformation of 'instinctive behaviour' to 'human behaviour', 'Education is a man making process'. It is at this juncture, the holistic human assent to a divine celebacy with dynamic social order encompasses in glorifying the human rights. To inculcate reverence for humanism is one of the important processes of education. Right to Education in the Indian and global contexts have been illustrated with catena of decisions in the case laws. Dichotomy of educa- tional system in India is a well researched treatment in a candid manner. Under the caption Towards Academic Excellence, a thread-bare analysis of the objectives, curriculum development, evaluation, constraints, quality, expenditure and suggestions for improvement in higher education are presented explicitly. Tabulations presented are the ready- reckoners. 'Educational Policies in India' depicts researched culmination of various patterns of national and integrative character of education.

A prophetic visualization and foresightedness with erudication are casted as a revelation in Education for the ensuing Third Millennium. This book is a rare compendium of facts and figures illustrating every aspect of education to the spectrum of users like educational thinkers, educationists, academics, educators, educands and to every reader who strives by evincing keen enthusiasm in understanding the educational thought, practice and philosophy.


Prof. A. Gnanam

Former Vice Chancellor, Pondicherry University
Presently Chairman, National Assessment and Accreditation Council,

This book on "Education and Human Rights", is the outcome of the lecturate by Dr. M. Ponnaian on Human Rights in the 20th Orientation Course at the Academic Staff College, Pondicherry University. Human rights is a pivotal instrument and a catalyst for the upliftment and emancipation of the society. Appreciative feedback had apparently attracted him to dwell at length on the subjects culminating in this book containing the details of the concept of human rights, its practices and philosophy. Evidences of his vast knowledge and interest in this contemporaneous subject are everywhere.

Apparently his interest in education is also evidence, in the way in which he had traced its evolution and compared the educational models of East and West. While doing so he had touched upon the basic questions of what is education, what for education, aims and purpose of education and its role on the emancipation of the society thus establishing the connectivity between human rights and education in an elegant way.

This is a modern society propelled by the impact of scientific advancements and technological progress. But in the process, there is a danger of humanism sacrificed resulting in social injustice. For the protection, preservation and promotion of human rights from the rigors of this danger, 'the Magna Carta' of human rights has been evolved. This chapter on human rights outlines in a vivid manner the human rights with theories, definitions with different treaties. This chapter also includes, the details on the declaration with manifestation of all the basic human rights, right to education as envisaged in the Constitution of India, 1950 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948 and other Covenants, Conventions, Commissions, etc., in the regional and global perspective with catena of pronounced decisions in the case laws.

The dichotomy of educational system in India is brought out well with the analysis by the author. It is a well researched treatise on the subject. The efforts made towards academic excellence, the constraints, financing and suggestions for improvement of higher education! institutions are lucidly brought out. In fact it is a compendium of information useful to all. Thus the chapter on Educational Policies in India brings out various patterns of its national and integrative character. It is well authenticated with the pie-diagrams, flowcharts and condensed sketches.

The subject treatment under the caption "On the horizon of the Third Millennium" is a kaleidoscopic spectrum which sketches the prophetic visualization with foresight of what is in store in the anticipated educational upheaval and ofcyber pedagogy. Also it pressed innumerable facts and figures illuminating every aspect of education since the Vedic period to the impending millenium. This book will be immensely useful equally to the academists, erudite scholars, researchers and to every reader who strives to understand the education, as a process of human upliftment.

I would like to congratulate the efforts of the authors, both Dr. M. Ponnaian, IPS and Dr. Panch. Ramalingam for their stupendous effort in bringing out this book. I have no doubt that it will be welcomed by all, the students, the academia and educated public.

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