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Academic's Dictionary of Psychology



Dr. Panch Ramalingam



M/s. Academic (India) Publishers,
New Delhi - 110 060,









Rs. 45/-


Dr. B. Viswanathan

Dean, Faculty of Education,
Prof. and Head, Dept. of Psychology,
Annamalai University

People generally have a desire to understand the reasons for their own behaviour as well as others. They try to do so by asking for the opinions of others about them selves. But such opinions may not be objective. Psychology attempts to assess people in a systematic and objective way. As the systematic and objective assessment improves, the scope of psychology also expands. So the subject makes use of many technical terms. Like the concepts of many other subjects, the concepts of psychology also are not properly understood by many people for want of proper guidance.

Mr. Panch, Ramalingam, the author of this dictionary, has come forward to render a service to such people who are interested in understanding the concepts properly. He has put in extensive energy and time in compiling this dictionary. This will certainly lend a helping hand not only to the students and teachers of psychology but also to those who want to have a proper grasp of the subject.

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