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Types of Membership

There shall be four types of memberships, namely

  • Life Member
  • Associate Member
  • Institutional Member
  • Student Member

Rules of Membership

  • All those who are qualified psychologists with Post Graduate in Psychology to the Members of the Pondicherry Psychology Association shall be 'A' class members by remitting Rs.1000/- and will be called as Life members.
  • Individuals with allied qualification and have keen interest in the field of Psychology can become Associate members by remitting Rs.100/- every year. After a continuous contribution of ten years they will become life members.
  • Institutions of related interest with the Pondicherry Psychology Association can become Institutional membership by remitting Rs.100/- on one time basis
  • The students who are studying B.A./ M.A./M.Sc. in Psychology can become student members by remitting Rs. 25/- every year. After completion of his course, he/she will have to subscribe membership fee of Rs. 500/- for life member and Rs. 100/ - for Associate member if he/she is not in the discipline of Psychology.

Admission of Members

Any person, who is qualified as a Psychologist, whose commitment and contribution to the promotion of the society, should be introduced by one member of the Governing council, if he/she has been significant and believers in and accepts the objectives of the Pondicherry Psychology Association, is eligible for admission as a member in the Association. No individual shall claim his/her membership in the Pondicherry Psychology Association as a matter of Right.

Fees for Membership

All 'A' class members shall pay an admission fee of Rs. 500 and other members shall pay an admission fee of Rs.10/- only with the membership fee and in any case the membership and entrance fees will not be refunded.

Rights, Duties and Privileges of Members

Every member shall be entitled, subject to the following subsidiary rules :

  • Only 'A class' members can participate and vote in any election held by the Association.
  • Provide every information, assistance and cooperation to the Association for its effective functioning.

Disqualification of Members

Any member may be disqualified by the Governing Council for non-payment of fees. dues, etc., and or any other reason as may be decided and deemed fit by the Governing council of the Pondicherry Psychology Association.

Ceasation of Membership

The Membership shall cease on :

  • Resignation of membership
  • Death of the member
  • Termination of membership by the Governing Council for any act or guilt of conduct contravening the objectives of the Association or in any way injurious to its welfare.

Application for Membership

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